The entire production process of cosplay costumes!

The entire production process of cosplay costumes

More and more cosplay fans are beginning to try to make cosplay costumes by themselves, but because they don’t know much about cosplay costume production, the results are often not ideal. So I will bring the whole process of making cosplay costumes , I hope to bring you help in making cosplay costumes.

Pattern making tools
Long ruler pink pencil eraser scissors
For fabric cutting
Scissors pins
Use of stitched garments
Hand sewing needle or sewing machine thread pin

Overall process
Pattern cutting cloth complex pattern design combined with ironing try on correction

Pattern making
Pattern-making means drawing out the prototype of the clothes. Pattern-making will determine the style and lines of the clothes. It is a very important step in making cosplay costumes. It is recommended to read some pattern making books before making pattern. There are many ready-made books for reference. You can also choose to find a business to help the foundry, but the price is quite high, it is relatively simple compared to the version of the uniform, and the difficulty of the special clothing such as dresses will be higher.

The entire production process of cosplay costumes

It is necessary to have a good concept of three-dimensional clothing when making a version, because people are three-dimensional, instead of cutting two pieces together like paper cutting and sticking together. Therefore, after drawing the pattern to be cut, you need to reserve some outside the actual completion line when cutting, otherwise you will find that when sewing the clothes, you will get more and more inward, which is smaller than the original painting. Both sewing and hand sewing are sewn on the finished line. After the pattern-making is completed, it is the job of cutting the cloth. This step is relatively simple. You only need to cut the fabric according to the shape of the pattern.

There is another way to replace the pattern-making is three-dimensional cutting, generally this method requires more than two people to operate, if there is only one person, you need the assistance of the platform, because this is a method that people can get once see, directly place the cloth on your body to grab the desired shape. After making the mark, spread out the fabric and cut off the excess fabric. In this way, you can get the same effect as the cloth cut after naking pattern, that is, cutting.
Cosplay costumes have many unique accessories or changes, and there are shops that can be found outside. For example, opening buttonholes, embroidering lace, or making pleated skirts (pleated skirts are usually ironed out by the method of instant high-temperature shaping, so they cannot achieve good results by hand). When making clothing, you can make full use of store assistants to complete, you can also go to the traditional market, night market, etc., will also find many such businesses. After the fabric is cut and tried on, it is almost finished. It is important tonote that the fit of each part of the clothing needs to be carefully refined.

Custom cosplay costume
There are a lot of evaluations and advancements on the merchants who make clothes online, but the masters who specialize in cosplay costumes and ordinary women’s clothing stores have good and unfamiliar clothing categories. It is recommended to choose a professional master. When custom-made clothing, you can get the appropriate market price through multiple comparisons to avoid losses, it is best to customize in advance, otherwise the price and custom cycle in the peak season will have an impact, and may also affect the clothes work. When the store is asked to make clothes, the clearer the design, the better, and the style you want needs to be clearly and clearly communicated to the merchant. Most businesses will have fabrics to choose from, it is recommended to choose them in person, not only to save money, but also to find the closest to the ideal fabric. In addition, it is best that can find some small accessories or similar ones are needed on cosplay costumes.

Other considerations
Because cosplay costumes are not worn every day and will not be worn many times, it is usually only necessary to look high in appearance when making, and there is an embarrassing situation such as ensuring that the clothes will not split at the venue. Pins, double-sided tapes, foam tapes, etc. can be prepared at the venue to quickly fix the clothes.

There are also several styles that can be stacked on top of each other. You can make only the exposed part of the clothes inside. There is noneed to really make a few pieces, which can save a lot of trouble, and sometimes you can get unexpected results. The difference between making cosplay costumes and ordinary costumes is that they often need whimsy, such as making the cap of the bottle into a button, or using double-sided tape to glue the parts that cannot be stitched.

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