About Us

Bringing you quality Halloween Cosplay Costumes and Cosplay, made in the USA

Halloween Cosplay Costumes and Cosplay, better known as SIX FEET DEEP, is an artistic collective, comprised of three main special effects make-up artists. Retaining over 45 years of experience, in the Halloween mask, prop, and movie special effects industries. As well as a continuously growing group of like-minded artist, in the Halloween mask and movie effects industries, all over the country.

Here at SIX FEET DEEP, we specialize in creating unique collector quality deluxe Halloween masks, with highly detailed paint jobs and realistic movie quality props. We also offer a more traditional Halloween mask, with a more basic paint job.

Each and every deluxe or traditional mask is hand crafted, piece by piece, by the artist that designed it. Ensuring that each mask is made to the highest of quality. Keeping the artists original intent in mind and making a high quality collector piece.

In addition to creating high quality Cosplay Costumes and Cosplay, we also welcome custom art work. Whether it is a custom Halloween costume, mask, movie prop, special effect, or Halloween make-up, we have a network of artists ready for the task. Contact us either by phone or email for consultation.

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